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But will there be robots?

Fantasy & Science Fiction, July / August 2012

But will there be robots?

Funny that this showed up on my Kindle today—I looked for it last night and it wasn’t there yet. Stories by:

~ Kate Wilhelm
~ Matthew Hughes
~ Matthew Johnson
~ Rachel Pollack
~ Albert E. Cowdrey
~ Eleanor Arnason
~ Jeffrey Ford
~ Michaele Jordan
~ Ken Liu

My favorite gift


I wanted to photograph and describe the two incredibly creative Kindle Fire related gifts I got today from my family.  But, it’s getting late, and that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Today, we did a little vegan home cooking (coffee cake, scramble, Field Roast fig roast, green beans, and potatoes and veggies in the dutch oven), but nothing like the copious hours we spent on Thanksgiving. We also worked on projects, puzzles, and books, keeping our Words with Friends games going as well. I got a good chunk of Blackout started, and hope to get through it this week and on to the sequel (which is currently lost somewhere in this house—I trust that I’ll find it in time). Tonight we watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I would have preferred to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but we ran out of time and I hopefully we’ll be watching that one tomorrow.

We had a pretty modest gift giving Christmas (our Kindle Fires were a rare splurge, and the Kindle Fires for the kids were the big presents from relatives on their mom’s side—yes, there’s a whole lot of Fire going on in this house at the moment, and one kid hasn’t even gotten his yet!) I’m sure glad we switched away from a carrier with a bandwidth cap last spring). My favorite gift that I was able to give is a copy of Vegan Diner that the author, Julie Hasson, graciously signed for me at Portland VegFest in September. She didn’t just sign it, but wrote a very thoughtful note to my step-daughter, who likes to cook out of the book and loves to cook and bake in general. I’ve had it for months and it was so fun to give it to my step-daughter today.

A loaf or a swirl


It’s been a long weekend full of family step-drama, and subsequent planning for this winter and spring. These next few weeks will be bumpy, but I’m confident that it will turn out for the best. I’ll share more when final decisions have been made. So, I’m exhausted and going to bed early. I want to get some good work in early in the week.

#reverb11 (via

“Do you have any rituals that you use to calm and center yourself when you are tired, frustrated or angry? What are they? If you don’t have any rituals for yourself, take a few minutes and think about what kind of rituals could you allow yourself to enjoy and describe them.

After all these years, still the best way for me to totally disconnect is to take a long hot bath with a good book. No electronics. No distractions. Usually Nevermore or Isis comes to hang out (Nevermore as a loaf, Isis as a swirl).

That’s right, I walked the butte in my turquoise clogs today

Dirty turquoise clogs from walking Pilot Butte

So, I accidentally walked the butte in my turquoise clogs today. It was another beautiful fall day that I spent stuck inside in front of the laptop for work. So I decided around 6p to do my Pilot Butte hike. I invited everyone, but only my step-son was up for it. We were half-way there before I realized that I’d forgotten to change into my tennis or hiking shoes. {It was also one of those days where I forgot my phone, and I spent a stupid amount of time locating a bill I needed to pay and the checkbook to pay the bill with.)

I have a thing for turquoise-ish or sky blue shoes, it seems. Which is weird, because I don’t really like most blues all that much. I once had a pair of turquoise suede hiking boots (pre-vegan days) and at least one other pair of turquoise casual shoes that I wore to death. The turquoise shoes always get good comments, for some reason. {In high school, by the way, I also had a pair of those neon orange converse super high-tops with neon yellow insides.}

Fortunately, my linen Sanita clogs that I got at a Seattle area discount store are well-worn and fairly comfy—they may never be the same after the dusty trail today—but frankly, they weren’t that clean to begin with. And they actually have great tread. They slowed me down a little and my legs will be sore in weird places, but it was another beautiful evening up there.

On the way down, a couple pointed an owl out to me that was perched near the top of a juniper. It was too dim by then to tell what type of owl (and I don’t know my owls that well), but she was quite large—looked like a fat cat from the back. I watched the owl for a few minutes,  until she decided to flap away. I probably made her nervous. (Or him).

Finally getting in to Among Others. Sometimes I have to start a book and then come back to it weeks later, which is what I did with this one. Until one day I pick it up and it just clicks. I hope to read a big chunk of it this weekend.

Finally: Kindle library books, and I’m underwhelmed


Finally, I can get some library books on my Kindle. But, annoyingly, even though I have Kindle wireless, when I go to actually download the book, it routes me to my account, and then tells me that my Kindle doesn’t support wireless and that I have to transfer the book via cable. Which is not that big of a deal. But still, it would be much easier and more efficient to just transfer the damn thing over wireless, rather than have to go dig up my cable. What’s up with that?

And I’m not seeing much incentive in downloading this way over the old work-around method. Just a little bit more effort, and I can have a permanent e-pub that’s also searchable on my computer, rather than a temporary time-expired book which doesn’t even identify itself as such on my Kindle. It’s just there, and some day it won’t be there any more, and I doubt I’ll get any warning.

But, hey, these are the early days and things are bound to get smoother. Someday I’ll be able to download a book with one click of my Kindle, much like I can click on a QR Code now with my phone.