Business Workshops I *Could* Be Taking


Just a sampling of business workshops I could be taking…

Poet: Principles of Effective Thinking

Creating Forward – Thinking Drama Workshops for the Business World

Leadership Skills: Is leadership a top down, white, male, professional class prerogative?

Mountain Survival is the ultimate business adventure and an incredible opportunity to mix outdoor fun into a business context

The Artistry of Change: Why add something as flakey sounding as artistry to the workplace?

Anxious to Please: Seven Practices for the Chronically Nice

Leadership Skills Through Stand Up

The Gettysburg Leadership Experience brings executives to the Civil War battlefiled to learn timeless lessons on leadership

Singing Workshops For Business

Leadership Safaris in Africa: Overcome Challenges of the Business Jungle

Laughter Yoga For Business World: Take Your Work Seriously But Take Yourself Lightly


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