Uh, writing a novel is hard, says the English major


Technically, the degree is “Writing / Literature,” but who’s ready to nitpic that with me? I’m not going to get too far into what I think the value of my degree from George Fox College (now University) is – let’s just say I’m pretty sure I learned more and had a broader education in high school than I did at George Fox.

Anyhoo, I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo (not NoNoWriMo as I ridiculously referred to it earlier via Twitter, which sounds like I’m writing something naughty) and this is day 2. I finally got my word count up to day 1 levels a few minutes ago. It’s a far cry better than yesterday, anyway. I’ve heeded the advice of the pep talk email and let the writing take me where it will, editing as little as possible. It’s funny that when I started out a few hours ago, I wasn’t in the mood, was kind of cranky, and began writing about something completely different than anything I thought would go in the story. But, amazingly, it came around and pretty soon I was on track again. So far so good.


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