Dream Hounds


What do greyhounds dream about?

Greyhounds seem to have more dreams, bad ones, than any other pet I’ve ever known. I don’t see the cats twitching, whining, and moaning in their sleep. I can’t even remember the pug doing that. I see the hounds, sometimes am awoken by them; legs jerking, clearly running a race. Whimpering, groaning, yipping, trembling. Years of racing and not much else must be hard to get out of your mind, like a summer at the sawmill earning money for college, where every day you repeat the same task for 9 hours on end, sawdust up your nose, earplugs jammed in, singing every song you’ve ever know to yourself in your mind. Then you come home and dream the same damn thing, no imagination, just your mind regurgitating and recycling the same images over and over and over.

If dreams are the mind’s way of processing the events of the day; organizing, categorizing, working on solutions to problems – then why repeat the same repetitive events?

You’d think it would only take one moment to record a snippet, then discard the duplicate data.


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