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Deimos and Ruby - Pals

Deimos & Ruby

Coincidence? Probably. The hounds don’t spend much time snuggling – Deimos likes his personal space too much. But still, when we brought Ruby home the year after Deimos, they took to each other right away and pretty much do everything together. I don’t know what Ruby will do if Deimos leaves us. Bubba the pug is also aging rapidly and his health is not good. Ruby may be the last dog standing before long.

Tuesday, Deimos undergoes a biopsy to see what the mass near or on his spleen is – essentially untreatable Hemangiosarcoma – or benign and operable growth. The biopsy itself has some risk; of internal bleeding, the anesthesia itself. Deimos is stoically dealing with the discomfort of his grossly distended and angry red belly – even making extra trips up and down the stairs to make sure he’s not missing out on any food. And he met me at the door with Ru when I came home tonight. But it definitely does not look like fun; he has to jut his back leg out in a funny position just to lay down, his breathing is labored, he can’t seem to get enough water. I hate to see my boy going through this. And to think, four days ago he was a normal goofy greyhound with a normal greyhound shape.


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