Cat Tolerant

Ruby & Isis

Ruby: Cat (Isis) Tolerant

Our rescue group labels all available hounds as one of these:

  • Cat Tolerant
  • Workable
  • NO Cats

When you were, literally, born to run, and you were selectively bred for hunting by sight, it’s sometimes hard to differentiate between what is appropriate to chase (or hunt) and what is not in a household environment.

Fortunately, we’ve never had a problem with our greyhounds and our many cats. For the most part, there’s been mutual avoidance. However, our youngest cat Isis, who grew up with three dogs, does not understand this. She is full of love, and she never, ever, gives up.

Ruby might not be a cat lover, but she more than “tolerates” Isis, who has definitely worn her down over the years. She no longer gets up and leaves with a disgusted look when Isis comes by to nudge her long snout with her buzzsaw purr, or to wind in and out of her legs. If Isis wants to flump near her, even touching her, it’s OK with Ruby, as long as Isis doesn’t get too carried away. Ruby pretends to be aloof—but you can tell she’s loving every minute of it.

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