I finished reading The Possibility of Everything last night. Did anybody else think it was Hursula One that might have been responsible for all the bad things happening with Maya? When Maya lost the doll, Dodo went away. Maybe it wasn’t all due to the flower bath? Was Hope alluding to this as a possibility when she told the father of the little girl who had adopted the lost doll, “Good Luck”?

It got me thinking about my imaginary friend. I’m pretty sure I was around 3, like Maya, when Bobbie made her appearance—because I remember Idaho as the backdrop. Not much of a creative stretch from Barbie to Bobbie, is it? I don’t really remember a lot about her. In fact, I don’t know if I really remember her, or if I just remember my mom telling stories about her. An ordinary, benign, imaginary friend that I would sometimes ask to be accommodated with a seat or a place at the dinner table. And I wasn’t even an only child. Wish my mom was here to tell me how Bobbie arrived, evolved, and departed—and what mark, if any, she left on the family—and me.


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