With such name as “Nevermore”


Nevermore, petulant

Nevermore, much like her ominous namesake, also appeared “upon a midnight dreary.” She didn’t rap at my door, but instead I discovered her because she was huddling on my porch and my cat Connecticut (who didn’t especially care for other felines, especially ones outside her house), was hissing out the glass door, seemingly at the wind and rain. Of course, I peered out and discovered a bedraggled—and pregnant, as it turns out— little black cat who was more than willing to come inside “just for the weekend.” That was about 8 years ago.


Nevermore, dreamy

Nevermore: Complainer, perpetual low cat on the totem pole, instigator of fights, ripper of carpets and papers, antagonist of dogs, loner, needy snuggler, possibly touched-in-the-head, hard to photograph – my girl.

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