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reflect on this year and manifest what’s next

Everything’s OK. What was the best moment that could serve as proof that everything is going to be alright? And how will you incorporate that discovery into the year ahead?

What makes you so sure that everything is going to be alright? What kind of feel-good mumbo-jumbo is this, anyway? I struggle with wondering if everything’s going to be OK every day. What is the point of trying to make everything better, to work so hard to improve, if at best, half my life is over? And if I haven’t learned something in 40 years, what makes me think that by somehow trying harder I can learn it now?

And yet, something keeps me wanting to learn new things, to break bad habits, to have meaningful relationships with people. I don’t know why, but I still have hope. Somehow, each new day seems endless; a whole world of fresh starts and possibilities stretching into the distance.

I did a trial run of this great spinach dip that I’m going to take to a get-together on Sunday. I was letting it cool and was going to take a picture, but by the time I got around to it there was a cat-tongue-sized divot out of it. Good thing this was only the trial run—I don’t mind a little cat spit.

Merry Christmas.

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