Electronics revenge


First, goal progress: In bed by 11:45 p.m.? Jan 17, Up at 8:15 a.m. Jan 18.


So, I gave my iPod a compliment (battery life) on twitter earlier this week, and complained yesterday in this blog that it was keeping me from my own silence. Today, it decided to freak out and not let itself be recognized any longer by iTunes (on any computer), and in spite of my spending several hours going through all the tips and tricks online, I still have no access to my podcasts. What does this tell us? We always hear the negative comment. Sorry, iPod, I need you back; to keep me company, to keep me informed, to keep the crazy voices away.


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  1. If you attach it to your computer, You’ll be able to get all your files on it, without itunes. Make sure you can view hidden files and folders, then if you connect it to your computer, go to my computer and browse through your ipods folder structure, you’ll get them.

    if you’re a mac user… actually. I’ll check my mac for the extraction software i used and give you the name later – it was free.

    • djbaroque,

      Thanks for the tips. I got it solved today by finally giving up and installing a different podcast manager: that software kept looking for a missing “music” folder on the ipod. So I added it, and voila, not only did the new software sync all my podcasts, but iTunes now works as well. 🙂