Juggling volunteer commitments


First, goal progress: In bed by 11:30 p.m. ish Jan 27, Up at 8:30 a.m. ish Jan 28.

It’s late, and I’m getting up way too early for a Saturday to attend a sustainability workshop and a radio training, both of which overlap each other, and neither of which I have to go to, but I said yes to because I’m interested in them. The workshop is by an author we just interviewed for the radio show and VegNet was asked to contribute a couple of salads, so oh, I have to put mine together in the morning as well because it would have gotten wilty overnight. I won’t get to eat the salad or other veggie lunch options, though, because I’ll be at the radio training during that time. So I should probably also pack myself a lunch.

The next couple of weeks are shaping up to have several non-profit related activities two or three evenings out of the week, plus my SharePoint user group is next Friday, although that takes the least amount of time to coordinate most months. How much volunteer time is too much, I’m asking myself right now? We’re doing important work with VegNet and the radio show, but I don’t want to burn out. All Things Vegan is taking a lot of extra time, but we plan to do it for at least a year, so I need to pace myself. And I need to figure out how to juggle these things that are important to me while still having fun and without feeling tired and crabby. One of the drivers behind reading all those time management books lately is to become more efficient with my volunteer hours so that it remains enjoyable. It’s sometimes hard to be efficient (and diplomatic) when other people with different styles and habits are involved, though. So I need to practice patience as well.

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