7 things to love, 6 Things to hate about my Kindle

Kindle love:
  1. Takes up so little space
  2. Easy on the eyes
  3. Easy to flip back and forth between books and it remembers where I was in each one
  4. Holds my focus
  5. Battery life
  6. Highlighting passages and bookmarks
  7. It is geeky fun to have Text-to-Speech read to you in a slightly robotic female or male voice, with a choice of speeds
Kindle hate:
  1. If I read with it in bed, and I fall asleep, it a. whacks me in the face, or b. squashes a kitty.
  2. That stupid clicky noise every time I turn the page. I read fast and the constant click click click is maddening. (Now what might be cool is if it played a little happy sound every time I finished a chapter, or once I finished the book. There could be a market for custom happy sounds.)
  3. No way to tell how far I am through a chapter, or even what chapter I’m in. With a traditional book, I often break my reading into chunks like, “I’ll read to the end of this chapter, and then do X.” Or I’ll estimate how long it will take to finish the book by flipping through the remaining pages. All I get is % completed for the entire book and that really doesn’t help very much. Also, I don’t understand the “Locations” number.
  4. The awkwardly named 5-way controller and its equally awkward function.
  5. No way to get highlighted passages on to computer if the book was not purchased from Amazon.com. Last time I needed to quote some text for a book I ended up copying out of the Adobe Digital Editions app. So I was referencing that, the hard copy of the book, and the Kindle.
  6. Can’t read it in the bath. I realize there may be a chastity belt like waterproof gadget to put it in, but would I really trust it? This is not something I can afford to replace. I currently have the same book on my Kindle and out in hard copy from the library for just this reason. I once dropped an expensive iPod in the dog water dish and immediately killed it. After that, I bought Otter Boxes for all our household iPods, because they were supposedly completely waterproof (I never had to test the theory). However, they were bulky and cumbersome for everyday usage, and eventually the foam seals loosened and the cases no longer shut tightly, so we stopped using them.

What do you love or hate about your Kindle (or other portable reading device)?


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