Gaining some perspective by holing up on a snowy weekend


OK, so this hasn’t been the best weekend of my life due to the crappy end to last week. But I’ve taken it easy and tried to gain a little perspective.

Things could be worse. I got to hole up over a beautiful snowy weekend with my hubby and animal companions, only having to leave the house once for provisions. My hubby made a delicious vegan lasagna yesterday, even making the marinara sauce from scratch—we’re still working on leftovers. And tonight, he made vegan peanut butter cookies which are even better than the ones I made last week. I slept in very very late both days, watched a movie, and finished a good novel (Theft, Peter Carey: “How do you know how much to pay if you don’t know what it’s worth?)

One thing I’ve learned from a week like last week, is that I can pull it together for things that are important to me, like the radio show. I spent some very late nights all week wrapping up our February 18th All Things Vegan radio show, which aired Friday, and got the show notes and archives ready today. You can listen to it here:

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