What lurks outside my house; evidence on a snowy night

possible raccoon track

So I pulled up a while ago. It had snowed just enough to lightly cover the old car tracks. I noticed, however, two sets of tracks to the side of the driveway. One set was human. I thought, a-ha, somebody has been lurking around the side of my house! But then I remembered the meter guy had been out earlier. Then I felt bad that he had to trudge through the snow to get to my meter. Note to self, next time you shovel, clear a path to the meter.

I parked in the garage, then returned to check out the other tracks. My first thought was, raccoon! I followed the tracks down the driveway, bent over, and tried to take a picture. Annoyingly, my Android phone, which I otherwise love, doesn’t have a flash, so I wasn’t getting anything. It’s very cold out tonight. When I was messing with the camera, one of my rings slipped off—my rings have been too big for a while now: thanks, vegan diet—and went chink chinking down the driveway. Crap.

possible raccoon tracks

possible raccoon tracks

So I found a flashlight in the house. I went back out, quickly found the ring (thankfully the light snow on the drive kept it from going very far, but was not deep enough to bury it), and decided to take a closer look at the tracks. They went all the way down the driveway, a block or so down the sidewalk, and then disappeared across the street. I was able to snap a few pics with the flashlight and phone. I also saw kitty tracks, which were so much smaller. What do you think: Raccoon? My hands and feet are bloody cold, but it was worth it. I love getting these little glimpses into my suburban nocturnal world; Shoot me if I ever stop being curious. In the last week since our two big snowfalls, I’ve also seen deer and bunny tracks wandering through or across the sleeping front garden and yard.

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