Does this make me a Wheaton-esque geek?


Magic Arrest Enchantment AuraMy hubby’s been teaching me Magic and we’ve been playing together for about a week. My brain hurts, but I just kicked his ass twice in a row in spite of his three Arrest Enchantments, so I think I’m kind of liking it. And the artwork is pretty cool.

I’d say this officially makes me a Wheaton-esque geek, but I’m sure others would say I’ve been there for a while. Should I mention how much I wish we were at Emerald City Comicon right now? We had so much fun with the crazies a few years ago. And we actually met Mr. Wheaton himself, which was great—he seemed like such a genuinely nice guy, taking the time to really engage with each person who stood in line to meet him.

Another highlight: meeting Angus Oblong (in very scary clown makeup), creator of The Oblongs among many other twisted things. I still have the Wicked Woman shirt I got there. Somewhere in the world there is a photo of me in that shirt with Angus.