How nerdly is it that I’m really looking forward to the new East Bend Library?


How nerdly is it that I’m really looking forward to the new East Bend Library? I love our downtown library—it’s beautiful and centrally located to all kinds of stuff I’m already downtown for fairly frequently. And yet, to have another library option close by will be nice.


  • On my side of town, so a 5-10 minute drive rather than a 15-20 minute drive (or a much shorter and less trafficky bike ride). I wonder if I will actually try to bike there or back with a bunch of books. Unlikely. Unless I get saddle bags.
  • My new office away from home office.
  • Next to Longboard Louie’s.
  • Has a community meeting room, which will be a nice alternative for BendSPUG user group meetings or VegNet movie showings. And since our favorite place to have cater lunch for BendSPUG is already Longboard Louie’s—well how convenient is that?!


  • Located on the south side of a highway that I think it should be on the north side of, making it more difficult to bike or walk to. I would have much preferred it to be in the Barnes & Noble/Whole Foods/Costco area, but alas, nobody asked me.
  • In a strip mall.
  • I know there are going to be occasions when I ask that a book be delivered to one branch, and then I find myself at the other one.

Now, we just need a great neighborhood pub, coffee shop, and bookstore for the East Side. Or any combination thereof. And preferably all with vegan options. Go!

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  1. I agree, a location suitable for walking or cycling to would have made visiting all the more enjoyable! Hey maybe there is a business opening there for someone, a bookstore with a vegan cafe?!