Just another day finding a desiccated skull on the stairs


So today, my cat Pip was making some mournful growly noises on the stairs. I called up to her, but thought she was just complaining because it was time to eat, so I didn’t think much of it.

Later, my hubby found the following on the stairs: portions of at least one desiccated rodent skull and jaw. It was definitely something that had been around for a while. The bones look bigger than what I would expect for a little house mouse skull. If it wasn’t so late I would take a picture and maybe one of you could identify it for me. (You know, years ago when I moved back to Central Oregon I was fresh out of my zoology course in Cali and was looking for any biology course I could find. I took a Northwest Wildlife class up at the community college. We learned to identify most of the mammals of Oregon by their skulls alone. Too bad I didn’t retain most of that information, outside of learning what an occipital crest is and thinking about it when I pet my cats. But as usual, I digress.)

1. Eww! 2. Where the hell did it come from? My cats don’t go outside. 3. How interesting—look how most of the teeth are still attached. 4. Poor thing. 5. Where the hell did it come from? 6. Has this been hanging around my house rotting for lord knows how long? 7. Eww.


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