Sunday Workweek Dread + Positive Things


It’s Sunday evening, and the dread of the upcoming workweek lays heavy upon me. In fact, it has clouded my entire weekend, much like the clouds covered the Super Moon we were looking forward to seeing in Bend. I will need strength, patience, and luck to get through this week unscathed.

I’ve really had some disappointing things happen in the last month, but at least I also have some positive things to counter them with.

Things to be grateful for: My step-kids are here for spring break and we’re having a nice mellow time so far. Hubby, the kids, and I have been making lots of good vegan meals, playing Magic, watching videos, going to the library, and the girls helped me with Meatout today. Also, this week we have a fun interview coming up Tuesday evening for the show, and our VegNet potluck is on Wednesday. I also plan to have the kids come down to the station and record sweepers or station IDs sometime this week, which I think they will really enjoy.


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