Over $50k raised from For Japan With Love: Bloggers Day of Silence


Wow, For Japan With Love: Bloggers Day of Silence has raised over $50,000 to have 50 ShelterBoxes help 500 people in Japan and other disaster areas! The fundraising continues through March 31.

And in other trivial personal news, I took my laptop and worked at the new library today. They did a nice job for being in a strip mall. It is small, but bright and peaceful, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

This evening we had an equipment failure at the station, which prevented us for the first time from doing a phone interview for All Things Vegan. I was seriously bummed out because it took a lot of back and forth to find time in our interviewee’s schedule to get this day/time. But he was very understanding. It will get fixed and rescheduled. These things happen.