Chaos v. Silence


My husband spent nearly 6 hours in the car today taking the kids back over a snowy pass. I watched a movie and a half, read my book, and cleaned the house, all while soaking in the silence. I don’t feel bad about this at all, since I’ve driven them back and forth what seems like a zillion times over the years.

Always mixed feeling when the kids go home—chaos, noise, and clutter diminishes, but the silence always seems a little lonely. Sounds like they’ll start coming for visits again on a regular basis, so it won’t be too long before the chaos returns. I’ll enjoy the time to myself and the silence while it lasts.

Things I meant to do with the kids: take lots of photos, have them record sweepers for All Things Vegan. Hopefully we can do that in a few weeks when they’re back.

Ahead, another busy workweek. My goal is to get to bed at a reasonable hour this week. I’ve slipped back into my natural night owl persona lately.


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