Mournful kitties: a blatant need for attention and love


More and more lately, Isis is carrying little stuffed animals and wine corks around at night. She’s been into wine corks for a few years now and will jump up on the counter to steal them; She leaves them all around the house. The stuffed animals are a more recent fetish—some of them are small dog toys. She will position herself on the 1st floor, or the stairs, or in the hallway, always a bit out of sight, and then will cry mournfully and loudly until we acknowledge her by calling out her name or coming to find her. She always drops the toy or cork as soon as she sees us looking at her though.

I would find it pretty weird, except my cat Queequeg used to do the same thing. She even had one favorite little stuffed monkey that I had gotten at a forensic science conference as a promo (it had a t-shirt on it with some forgettable company name). Queg used to cry out very late at night, often at the bottom of the stairs, and she would invariably have the monkey either in her mouth or right next to her.

Isis and Queg are the only two cats I ever remember doing this. And I’m not sure why they do/did it. So I take it for what it seems like—a blatant need for attention and love. And that is what I’m happy to give.

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