Reading Coetzee


A South African author I’ve been reading over the last month or so: J. M. Coetzee. (I love finding a new-to-me author and devouring everything they’ve ever written. In chronological order when possible.) So far I’ve read:

I have a handful more out from the library. I almost gave up on Disgrace at first, and put it aside many times, but then it really absorbed me with its brutal tale. Elizabeth Costello I initially picked up because of its animals rights themes. It was hard to get into as well, almost too intellectual or philosophical for a novel, but I found many of its statements elegant. Which is why I pulled out some quotes here, and here. Life & Times I fell into more quickly—such lyrical language to describe extreme despair during a time of war and uncertainty.

Dark and moody reading for a dark and moody time.


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