What lurks beneath


Beginning of a long week in which I get to do a live radio show and also finish our taxes. But somehow not as stressful as last week… yet. Maybe it’s because I thrive on tight deadlines? Or maybe it’s because the week is still young.

One thing that makes me happy when I look out of my home office window: Some garlic that I planted last fall (and had mostly forgotten about) is coming up! The entire garden strip in the front yard is a weedy mess, I didn’t really prep it well after last summer’s growing season, but the garlic was patiently waiting all winter. I had never planted garlic before and never anything in the fall—so it’s a lovely surprise. Of course, I have no idea when to harvest it. But I’ll figure it out. I can’t wait until after taxes are done so that I can start planning this year’s garden and maybe getting some starts going.

Another thing that makes me smile is seeing the sparrows occupy the nest boxes in the backyard, even the newer one that we put up last year. I think we’ll probably have four houses worth of sparrows this summer. I don’t care (unlike some) that they are non-native House Sparrows—it’s not their fault. They want to live and have families and communities just like anybody else. That’s why I don’t mind Starlings, either. Starting to see some bright yellow beaks and breeding plumage for those guys too.

Looks like the step-kids will be coming for summer, so I hope to grow even more food than last year, since I can recruit help. I remember being forced to weed a huge vegetable garden as a kid, but also that we could wander through at any time and snack on peas, or carrots, or some rhubarb dipped in sugar. We also had raspberry bushes and honeysuckle plants to pillage. Too bad I didn’t retain any information on how to successfully garden and have had to re-learn it all as an adult.


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