Don’t hit your head on the balance beam


A Year of Mindfulness: 52 Weeks of Focus  – Week 11

Okay, so this week is pretty big . . .


The word doesn’t even look like it’s spelled right when sitting all alone. Look at it for a while. Does it look funny to you? It does to me. Just like everything – we understand our lives in context to other things. Balance is all about that.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that BALANCE is what I seek most in life. Am I? Anytime I put too much effort into one area of life, many other things suffer. It seems to hold true for everything – relationships, health (physical and mental), work, play.

As YOU continue in YOUR mindfulness practice this week, think about your balance – or lack thereof, both on the mat and off. Is your practice balanced? Do you push yourself too much, or do you chill when you should be pushing? What about other areas of life? Do you work hard so you can play hard? Is work consuming you? Do you have too much free time? Life is all about balance – and mindfulness is key!

Balance? I think I’ve put off responding to this prompt and the ones following, because this is a very unbalanced time in my life. Everything has come to a head these past few weeks months with work being suddenly busy, professional disappointments, the step-kids reappearing in our lives, relationships needing extra nurture, personal tragedies happening to friends, non-profit plans getting pushed aside, taxes needing preparing, robbing Peter to pay Paul, extra radio show commitments, etc. I’m really struggling to just get through this time and not flake out in a major way in any one aspect of my life. I really don’t want to fall off the beam and hit my head.

Things are bound to even out in a few weeks, right?

In the next few months, I’d really like a way to find balance in more time away from the computer. Everything seems to revolve around sitting in front of a computer: work, researching, recording, and editing the radio show, non-profit planning, blogging, even Hulu & Netflix for down time. Physical activity has been on the back-burner. Yoga is a distant memory. I’m so tired of the screen.


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