Walking to slow the mind?


A Year of Mindfulness: 52 Weeks of Focus – Week 12

How often are you mindful while doing the simplest things in life? Simply hanging out and paying attention to breath is powerful – but more often than not, the brain takes over – list making, judging, rehashing, thinking, thinking, thinking. Foiled again by the monkey mind! Gahhhh!

This week’s focus for #mindful52 is WALKING, a mindless activity that you can bring active awareness to – thus being mindful! Maybe it’s the yoga teacher in me, but I’m most comfortable in bare feet. Lucky for me I teach and practice yoga in bare feet and work from home in bare feet. Unfortunately, I am often guilty of being mind-less in paying attention to my feet throughout the day. Just thinking about this week makes me GIDDY! I’m uber-excited about this exercise in mindfulness!

Now that things have slowed down a little, I need to get back into regular exercise as I’ve really let things slip over the last few weeks. Walking is a great way to ease back in, and mostly all that I’ve been able to do since I injured my knee a while back. Now that the weather is getting nicer (except for the snow a couple of days ago), I should be able to start walking Pilot Butte regularly again, which has really helped keep me in shape the last few springs and summers. And Ruby loves to come with. Maybe once in a while I’ll give myself a break and not multi-task by listening to podcasts. Maybe.

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