Here’s hoping for a relaxing summer…


Here’s hoping for a relaxing summer, because I have a lot of events coming up this fall: VidaVeganCon in August, Portland VegFest in September, followed by SharePoint Saturday Bend the next weekend, then the SharePoint conference in Anaheim a week later (very unlikely work will send me, but you never know). Also, sometime this fall, VegNet is hoping to host a PAN Vegan Pledge. And that’s only what I know about now.

I was also really hoping to take a road trip with hubby and attend Vegetarian Summerfest this year, but with the kids coming for the summer, it seems unlikely that we’ll have the money or the time to do it, even though I have plenty of vacation saved up. Rats.


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  1. Sometimes life gives us what we need not what we want! Or so someone said somewhere I can’t really remember! I am sure lots of good will come out of your summer anyway. I’m just wondering myself about choices, if I do X then y is out etc etc,. Trying to find out how I want to spend my time as I approach my late forties.