Stupid lungs


Bleh—stupid lungs. I think I just used the last of my spare inhaler.

Feels like a big hand is squeezing tightly around my ribs.

  • If I go to the nurse practitioner, she’s going to tell me to blow into the air-thingy, determine that I’m not getting enough air out, and then prescribe me at least one inhaler and maybe an antibiotic, but maybe not because it’s probably viral. And she’ll tell me to rest. Real rest. Not work at home rest. 
  • If I go to the acupuncturist he’s going to treat me once or twice a week for a few weeks, which will feel good, but maybe not give me any immediate relief. He’ll also send me home with some lung exercises and a Chinese herb or two.

Both will probably ask me if I’m undergoing any extra stress. Maybe I’ll see if I can get an inhaler refill first. If they let me, I can then make an appointment this week with the acupuncturist.

Pip continues to have problems with her pain medication affecting her perceptions. She just about fell off the cat tree backwards just now trying to jump to the top. And she has more divots of fur out around her eyes. Now we think it’s possible that’s she’s been itching and scratching her face too hard (instead of running into things) since she rubbed her face really hard today and then hubby noticed a new divot. We considered discontinuing the med, but decided not to, as it only goes into Wednesday—but we’re not leaving her unsupervised.

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