Blending & peak flow


Still felt very lousy today—super tired and lungs feeling squeezed. Went to the nurse practitioner. She thinks hubby and I have had the flu and then in my case it turned into asthma, because that’s what has been happening with me the last few years. Blew into the lung-thingy (peak flow meter, which measures air flow out). It was at half of what it should be. So she prescribed me one to have at home so I can monitor myself when I’m having issues. She said there is a fine line between where I’m at now and where I would be if I needed to have stronger medication or be hospitalized and that I might not be able to tell the difference on my own. The peak flow meter would help me to realize when it gets more serious. Plus last year using it at the NP’s office was considered a “lab” service and I ended up paying for it under my deductible, on top of the co-pay, which was not cool. She offered to not charge me the lab fee today if I would go get myself one. I thought it was going to be $100 or something, but the pharmacy said it would only be $19, even if insurance doesn’t cover, so I hope they’re right—I can pick it up tomorrow.

Since I was at Costco anyway getting my prescriptions, I happened to see that the Vitamix guy was back. I have been wanting a Vitamix blender for a couple of years now, and the Costco deal only comes along a few times a year. This time it worked out to pick one up! I know people who have had theirs for 20+ years and rave about them. And since we cook at home 95% of the time, it will definitely get used. They are high powered—you can even make things like soup in them and it will heat up the soup. I didn’t have a lot of energy tonight, but it was kind of like Xmas, so I had to at least open the boxes and look. I even watched the tips DVD. Then I managed to make a smoothie and some hummus (boring and typical, but I had to start somewhere). It works so quickly and we’ve never had such creamy hummus! Tomorrow, I might try making the potato leek soup I’ve been intending to make for a week now. I think you have to cook the potatoes first though…

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  1. I have one of those things! I made soup with it. Run the blender for about 8 minutes and the friction of the thick soup flying around will heat the mixture into steaming soup! I think I made
    cream of carrot if I remember right. I was looking for a smoothie maker like they have at Starbucks—one that doesn’t force air into the drink. Vitamix still inserts a little air but not bad. It has to do with blade shape.

    I also have athsma. Got it about 15 years ago. Scarry until properly treated. I use one of those disk inhalers and also Q-var. I now can leave my emergency inhaler (Albuteral?) home rather than carry it everywhere with me.

    Dave Ridgefield, WA (20 miles north of Portland)

  2. The Vitamix is a big investment, but will be fun!

    I developed illness induced asthma a couple of years ago after getting pneumonia. Fortunately, I only seem to suffer once a year – but then it hits me big. Most of the time it’s enough to keep the Albuterol on hand. I am doing the Qvar as well for a few days until I get over the hump. And taking Singulair.

    Of course, I’d rather not be on any medications. I will keep trying acupuncture and yoga to strengthen my lungs. My husband and step-kids have suffered from asthma. At least this experience has helped me to understand what they go through.

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