Incremental catch-up


At least I’m finally getting caught up on something: A productive couple of nights working on the radio show. We were going to be ahead for once, until I got sick and cancelled all of our studio time for last week. But we’re mostly there and should be able to finish up this episode without staying too late tomorrow night {knock on wood}. Episode 6 airs Thursday at 5 p.m.

Finally getting my head back above water with work, too. Now, if I can catch up with the household bills and stuff, life will be relatively back to normal. Maybe then I can actually take a look at the garden and see what I can get started late. It snowed one morning last week and I’m pretty sure we’re still getting frosts. But I should have started seedlings indoors. Last year I started them too early and most of them grew too big for their containers and died before I was able to transplant. Not sure of the plan of attack at this point.

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