A few more days


Guess I’m going to have to stick with the inhalers for a few more days. I was trying to back off, but am still getting a lot of chest tightening in the afternoon and evening. And last night I woke myself up several times with explosive dry coughing. So I’m back to every 4 hours or close to it.

I really would like to start walking up Pilot Butte again to build up my strength, but I don’t know how far I would make it right now. Maybe if it’s warm tomorrow, Ruby and I will give it a slow, leisurely go.


3 responses

  1. I hope you managed a walk. It looks like a great place to walk but quite a challenge. How long would a walk up there take you? You’ve inspired me to get out this week and take a walk up an old favourite too!

  2. I haven’t quite made it up the butte yet. When I’m in shape, it generally takes about 35-40 minutes to walk to the top, enjoy the panoramic view of Bend and the Cascade Mountain range for a couple of loops, then walk/jog back down. If I take Ruby, she slows me down a little because she likes to sniff and pee on everything, of course.

    A few years ago when I was pretty out of shape I think it took an hour and a half!

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