Hard day. Hard choices.


I had a great opportunity come my way late last week. And today, after sufficient research, I decided not to pursue it. Hard day. Hard choices. I made a decision, but I didn’t make the resulting phone call that I should have, which has increased my anxiety level 10-fold. And then I spent all day second guessing myself, procrastinating, and generally trying to find a loophole—even though I know that it’s the right thing to do to keep myself on track with my values and ethics.

I’ve tried to think about it this way—if I had a good friend, and they came to me for advice in this situation, what would I advise them to do? I would say—if you feel that uncomfortable, and if it’s that important to you—you would not be able to enjoy the situation or be effective. In fact, you would probably be miserable and guilt-ridden. All for what transitory gain?

I still have to make that phone call tomorrow. What am I afraid of? That somebody trying to help me will have wasted their time? Well, the sooner I talk to them, the less time they will waste.