What I can and can’t live with


I made that phone call today, and it was hard, but also a relief. The decision is made and there is no going back. And I can live with that.

What I’m not sure I can live with is my Nurse Practitioner trying to give me even stronger steroidal drugs to control my asthma. She would like me to take Advair for the next two weeks in addition to Albuterol to hopefully get my lungs to open up. I asked her about alternatives to pharmaceuticals. I don’t want to be taking them, because I believe in most cases I’m healthier without them due to known and unknown side effects, and also because they are often tested on animals and I like to make consistent ethical choices about what I eat, what I wear, what products I use, and what medications I put into my body. 

So she suggested mindfulness meditation, which is a great idea. And also any other exercise that teaches me to belly breathe and relax. Yoga, voice projection lessons, etc. But she still thinks there are times to take medications and that now I really need it—or my situation will turn worse than chronic. So she sent me home with Advair. And the plan was to use it for just a few weeks. But when I opened it I saw that it has lactose in it. Enough that there is a big warning in case of allergies. So not only was it probably tested on animals but it has animal products in it. Crap. I guess I could call her and see if she has any alternative ideas. I was really hoping to feel better by now, but the lungs are just not opening up. {Jeez, this is turning into pharmaceutical company ethical dilemma week.}

I’m going to call up the acupuncturist tomorrow and get back on track with him. That certainly can’t hurt. And will start setting aside time for meditation. If I felt up to exercising again, more than just slow walks, I know that would help as well. Yoga, of course. Maybe I can find a video and do yoga on my own for a while until I find a new place… Anything, but these stupid drugs.


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