What grows without me

Wildflowers from the kitty garden Spring 2011

These sweet wildflowers are growing in the kitty garden (where Connecticut and Big Kitty are buried). I put a lot of wildflower seed out there last fall and many different varieties are growing, in spite of the cold weather, but helped along by the frequent rain and snow. These are some of the first to flower. I couldn’t resist picking a few and bringing them in to brighten up the house on a dreary day.

I was also surprised to see that the lilac starts I planted last year are green and growing! Also, one of the raspberry plants is alive as well. A friend gave them to me from their garden and I planted them right away and faithfully watered them—but not enough. They looked very dead by the end of last summer.

Also in the garden: garlic that I planted last fall. And supposedly potato plants that my dad secretly planted in random spots. I don’t know enough to tell the plants from the weeds at the moment, but I’ll try to find out before weeding, if it ever gets warm enough. The strawberries are spreading nicely and have little white flowers and green berries. Oregano has come back like always. Crazy amount of mint in the big pot… All without my intervention.

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