So tired I forgot to post


Went up and back to Portland yesterday to hang out with the Farm to Fridge tour folks. {3 hours driving each way.} Busy running around Pdx all day and then was so tired when I got back around 2 a.m. that I forgot all about a blog post—first time in 7 months that I’ve missed a post, except deliberately on Blogger’s Day of Silence for Japan!

Today, a bit zombie-ish, I watched from my home office window as a young, wet doe munched on all of the dandelions in the front yard, in between thunderstorms. She was wary, but was putting away an impressive amount of greens. From here, she looked about the same size and shape as my greyhound, Deimos, with a similar pointed face and ears that stood up straight—although her ears were at least twice as big as his were. Finally, somebody came to the mailboxes, and she was spooked off. I don’t know where her family was. I’m sure they’ll be back, as they (or others) visit every year. Beautiful.