A little on the shy side


Went down to first Friday art walk with my older step-daughter tonight. Was nice as it was the 1st time in a few years that we’d had a chance to do something like that. And the weather was actually pleasant.

Ran into an acquaintance who had actually listened to the show and he gave me some great feedback. Very positive response on the tone of the show and the rapport between my co-host and I. Some constructive criticism too: He said I sounded a little on the shy side, and that he liked the way that my co-host was kind of the main interviewer and I was the straight man. Which bothers me a little, because I didn’t think I was sounding under-confident, and it seems to me like my co-host and I usually ask a roughly equal amount of questions. (It depends, somewhat, on which one of us set up the interview, too. We tend to ask people that we are personally interested in interviewing and then take the lead on that interview.)

But, I am running the board and doing all the tech stuff when we record, so admittedly, it is somewhat distracting to be adjusting mic 3’s recording level, paying attention to the screen, listening to the interviewer, and preparing my next question, all at the same time. I’m sure these things will get easier eventually. In the meantime, it’s nice to know that people are listening, enthusiastic about the show, and willing to tell us what they think.


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