Maybe it’s the freeze-died nettle…


Good day. Slept way in, made vegan brunch of tofu scramble, lemon pancakes, and oven potatoes with my step-daughter. Then we walked {slowly} up Pilot Butte with Ruby. It had been a while for all of us. Ruby was actually the slowest, which was a little surprising, and it seemed like she wasn’t feeling very well.

Haven’t needed the inhaler for 2 days. And blew 3 times over 400 on the peak flow meter, which hasn’t happened since I got the thing. Ya! Maybe it’s the freeze-dried nettle (no gecko included) that I got from the acupuncturist Thursday?

Felt so good I even mowed half of the overgrown back yard for the first time this “spring.”

Burritos/tacos for dinner with fresh fixin’s, and some poker and board games.

Never take family time for granted.


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