Yep, I still hate public speaking


Ugh. After all I’ve done over the past few years, leading user groups, leading non-profit groups, doing the radio show, and presenting in geeky events, I still hate public speaking.

I read a 3-minute prepared statement against the killing of Canada Geese at a Parks & Rec board meeting tonight. It would have been much more powerful if I hadn’t been shaking and sounding like I was about to cry because I was so nervous. I always think to myself, “No big deal, just talk,” but when I get up there… Does that happen to you?

A bit of my statement made it on the news, and I cringed while watching myself. Even though I almost wish I had been left out of the video, I’m very glad that the local TV news station was covering the meeting. And I’m glad we were there. Somebody has to speak up for the geese.

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