Good Saturday


Good Saturday. Spent most of the day away from the computer (except for looking at a few cooking tips, and then watching Hulu while baking). Slept way in, hung out with my Dad a little. (We went garage saling and found a great white elephant for the family Xmas get together—and we spent less than $1 total, since we’re both broke).

Finally finished Parrot and Olivier in America by Peter Carey and finished mowing the lawns (first mow of the year, was very long and thick and had to be done in batches over a few days). Since it has basically just turned summer-ish here after a very long winter and then a very long snowy/rainy spring, and is not even very warm yet, and since I wasn’t feeling very good over the last few months, my garden beds are in a state of serious neglect. But I got a good chunk weeded, and if I do a little every day I should be able to buy some starts after the next paycheck and hopefully still plant a few things from seed that we can harvest in the fall like carrots, squash, beans, peas, etc. Even though I intended to start way earlier this year, I think I probably got started this late last year, and I was still able to grow quite a few veggies. I also turned on and tested the sprinklers. They survived yet another winter and are in about the same shape as last year—they need adjusting as always, but do an adequate job.

After the yard work, I turned to some baking. Made some Blueberry Lemon Millet Corn Muffins from Scatter Vegan Sweets, and Molasses Cake Bars from 500 Vegan Recipes. I got to use the Vitamix to make millet flour and oat flour, which is fun. The muffins (well, I made a pan) turned out yummy in spite of being made from bird seed (millet)—I don’t think they would have been nearly as good without the blueberries. The bars (which I made in a loaf pan), turned out a little strange—they are very molasses-y and cake-like, but not at all bar-like. But I like molasses, and I’m sure I’ll eat them all eventually.


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