Worried—about the geese, my city, and where my tax dollars are being spent

Canada Goose and Babies

Tonight I am anxious, on edge. I’m afraid that Bend Park and Recreation District is going to kill more Canada Geese any day, like they gassed 109 of them last summer. — Without any regard to which were residents, or migratory, or to family units. — In spite of the efforts of GeesePeace, Bend’s Goose Watch Alliance, and many other concerned citizens to work with them. — In spite of widespread public opposition.

They’ve already obtained the permit. And they did it in secret last year during the last month of June. This is where my tax dollars are going. This is what makes me sick. To read more about the issues surrounding Canada Goose population management, or to take action if you live in Bend, please visit the sites above, visit Uncle Goose on Facebook, or listen to the latest All Things Vegan radio show, where we interview a local wildlife conservationist about this very issue.

And be sure to visit Bend’s spot (as Oregon’s only representative) on the Canada Goose Hall of Shame.

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