Sun Dogs, wildlife sightings, and field markings of aging hippies

Sun Dog

Cool flat ripply rainbow in the sky this afternoon, after coming home from a few hours on a hike along the river at Twin Bridges (in Tumalo) with my dad and the kids. My dad called it a sun dog. I caught this pic with my cell phone.

Along the river, we saw a doe, a large red crawdad, several grey lizards with blue bellies, black-capped chickadees, some sort of warbler? with a yellow breast, robins, red-winged blackbirds, a magpie, lots of pretty wildflowers and riparian plants, and thankfully, very few other people.

The kids and I spent the evening at KPOV’s Beatles Sing-A-Long. We spotted quite a few people there, mainly a large flock of aging hippies which we identified both by vocalizations and by field markings of peace signs, tie-die, and funny hats.