Oh no, not a “Double Rainbow” #inbend


Pretty good birthday. We didn’t do much, but after yesterday, and a very busy week, I needed a mellow at-home day. I slept in to nearly noon, which was fabulous, and then poked around making a big breakfast scramble and tempeh bacon lunch-brunch. After that, I mixed up henna for my hair, made it too runny (damn!), then had the fam-damily buy me some more when they were out, then did my hair again—and also my step-son’s Mohawk (normally dark blond). His turned out great: very red, almost brighter than his sister’s naturally red hair. Mine, of course, it much more subtle, since I’m working with auburn and medium to dark brown hair. Except for those grey hairs—they always turn out super red.

Also read most of Windup Girl—I may finish it before bed.

There was also another unique sky event—this time a rainbow around the sun. Some people in town even reported a double rainbow halo (please, stop now to watch this video if you haven’t seen it before. You could be viewer #28,614,142.) I think today’s halo is another type of sundog (also called a Parhelic Circle or Mock Sun), related to the one that we had yesterday. This reminds me that once in high school I saw a rainbow around a full or nearly full moon, which I thought was pretty crazy at the time. I’d never heard of a moondog.

My friend Judy delivered vegan cupcakes to my door last night, which we had after lunch. Then my step-daughter made the most delicious vegan chocolate cake with strawberry/raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting, which we had after a late dinner. A lot of sweets for one day, but I’m not complaining.


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