Sprinklers + thunder = greyhound drama


Poor Ruby, she had a triple-whammy tonight—she got left in the yard for a while in the dark, the sprinklers came on {she hates to be wet}, AND we had a big thunderstorm. {My fault: she doesn’t bark, and it’s been so hard since Deimos died—he was the one who taught himself to bark when he was ready to come in, even though greyhounds don’t usually bark. Bubba will bark for her, but he’s in such a deep sleep half the time that I don’t make him get up to go out with her.} We didn’t realize until she started body slamming the door to the porch that she was out there and she was VERY upset when she came in. Poor sweet thing. She’s such a good girl and I feel like crap for forgetting her. 😦

Tomorrow evening we were planning on joining some other greyhounds in Bend for a walk at Shevlin Park. I know she’d really like that. But I’m afraid it might thunderstorm, and then she’ll hate it. Guess we’ll have to wing it with the weather.

Since Ruby’s been with us {she arrived around the age of 4, sometime after retiring from racing and living with a family for a while}, she’s been afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises, raised voices, and sudden movements, and has always hated getting wet—doesn’t matter if it’s wading in the river, or walking through sprinklers or in the rain. Who knows what those early years were like for her, but we try to make her feel safe and loved now. She’s a sensitive and beautiful soul.