Must relax, no pre-stressing over next week allowed…


Took the kids down to First Friday Artwalk this evening, since it was so nice out. Crazy amount of people down there—75% tourists?

Now for a long weekend. I started work early today so I could duck out a little early—wasn’t too successful at that, but at least I didn’t end up working late. Unfortunately, the kids go back to their mom’s for a week beginning Sunday morning, so that’s going to break up our weekend. I’m bummed that they won’t be here for the 4th and my older step-daughter’s birthday, but then again, we get to have some mellow time for a day and a half, which will be quite  nice.

And it would be nice to have a relaxing time all to ourselves next week, but it’s going to be very busy for me—I’m going to teach a couple of SharePoint courses in Portland the following week—and I just received the training materials today, so I need to review them. And then we also have to get our All Things Vegan show done early, since it airs the week I’m gone. Also, we’ve been going back and forth for months trying to coordinate an interview time with a very busy vegan author, and we may end up interviewing him next week as well and needing to edit it for the July show. I’m a little freaked out just thinking about next week. It’s going to be hard to relax this weekend with that hanging over my head, but I’ll do my best…

Can anyone say BBQ corn-on-the-cob, roasted garlic, grilled portobello mushrooms, BBQ tofu, Field Roast sausages… ? And we’re lucky enough to have a house with a great view of Pilot Butte, so we generally just wander out with a blanket, plop down in a chair, and… Fireworks!

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