Wayyyyy too much going on this week


Wayyyyy too much going on this week. Finally got a great interview with a guy we’ve been trying to coordinate with for over a month (and I think it’s only because he lost his assistant and we emailed him directly). That’s a relief, but of course now we want to get it into next week’s show, because we’re timing it with an event which starts August 1, which bumps another cool interview which I really wanted to air this month, and creates extra pressure to get the show done on time.

It doesn’t help that I have to leave Sunday for my week teaching SharePoint in Portland, which bumps up the radio show deadline by a few days. I’m also juggling cram prep for the courses next week, accompanying conference calls, other work, SharePoint Saturday conference calls, and VegNet event planning—all of which seems to be popping up and needing answers or action this week.

Must collapse… now. Tomorrow, as they say, is another day.


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