Tomorrow’s to-do list is a mile long


Tomorrow’s to-do list is a mile long.

Wish I could relax and take in a little Summerfest, but that’s not happening this weekend. Every day I look at my summer-garden-that-could-have-been and sigh.

  • Radio show to finish
  • Next week’s course prep to finish
  • Packing and 5000 misc. household things to finish

Hubby will pick up the kids Sunday—they’re coming back for the rest of the summer—and I’ll be driving off to Portland in a rental. Hey, but at least it’s Portland!  You better believe that even though I’ll be training way down in Wilsonville all week and staying at some cheesy chain hotel, I’ll be getting to the Vegan Mini-Mall, Powell’s, and maybe even Blossoming Lotus (my favorite) or Portobello (have yet to try, they’ve always been closed when I’m there).

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