Here’s hoping nobody has to come in to pee


Short night. Long day running the kid’s fest booth.

One of the only really hot days of summer so far. All of us a little crispy around the edges. Good bug hunting for cats on the porch, though.

Skipped a couple of days, but bread dough is made and will be ready for baking tomorrow night, if it’s not too hot. If it is, maybe I’ll try the BBQ dutch oven method. Don’t know how that will work without a thermometer, though—I think the BBQ just has a low to high gauge.

So tired. Reading The Tiger’s Wife. Tried to start Nim Chimpsky all day, in between people, but the fest was too distracting.

Tomorrow the kids have relatives coming into town around 10 a.m. to take them out for the day, in celebration of the twins’ birthday on Monday, I guess. Aarggh, I’d like my one day to sleep in. Here’s hoping nobody has to come in to pee.