Voices of solitude: Accuser, List Maker, and the one that says, Whoa!


A Year of Mindfulness: 52 Weeks of Focus – Week 21

Moments of wonder—the joy of doing nothing. Solitude. In our media driven, hyped up, go-go-go world, do you consider the importance of just being? Of breathing? Of quiet contemplation? Of simplicity? It doesn’t come easily. It must be planned, cultivated and scheduled, but oh how powerful it can be! … How important is solitude to you? Do you make time for quiet moments to yourself? How can you cultivate more solitude this week as part of your life?

Craving solitude this busy step-kid-full summer. Home office moved to the master bedroom, rarely any time in any room of the house to myself.  But it’s only temporary—summer’s almost half over already!

So hard to just be. A voice in my head says, “Lazy.” Another voice says, “You need to remember to do this, and this, and then that, and don’t forget…” Another voice says, “Whoa, slow the fuck down.”

Going to go read in the bath. That’s one of the only ways I know to tune out.


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