Good Sunday


A good Sunday:

  • slept in a bit
  • a little show research
  • walked the butte with the kids (we’re on a great three times a week roll)
  • took the kids to the Engine 2 Diet 28-Day Challenge orientation at Whole Foods
  • came back, made potato salad
  • went down to the studio for a couple of hours to record some individual segments, got bumped out of the studio at 7, which was great, since I couldn’t be tempted to stay longer
  • came home, eldest step-daughter had made a great recipe from the Engine 2 Diet orientation packet, hubby and kids had deep cleaned the kitty boxes and much of the house
  • had a glass of wine while hanging out with hubby, kids, and animals
  • made tomorrow’s bread dough
  • sent the kids upstairs
  • baked some black bean brownies
  • baked yesterday’s bread dough
  • read The Tiger’s Wife on my Kindle while tending to the baked goods
  • hung out with Caesar, tucked her in for the night
  • hung out with Gordy, tucked him into his laundry room bedroom
  • downstairs shut down, reconvened with hubby, 3 cats, and 2 dogs in the master bedroom
  • blog post
  • to do: finish The Tiger’s Wife and to bed early

I love the nighttime ritual we’ve settled into.

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