Just be in the amazing fiery moment


The kids and I walked the butte this evening beginning around 8:30 and it was amazing—we caught a fiery orange rapidly changing sunset over crystal clear mountains. At the same time, other parts of the sky were a pure lavender. The air was like a light velvet cloak—not hot, but not cool enough to want a jacket or long pants. The lights of the town were on by then, which has its own charm. It was getting pretty dark by the time we were halfway down, but we could still see the trail, and there were plenty of other people out, a few even just heading up, not to mention the half-dozen cars that had driven to the top.

I tried so hard to just be—not think ahead to what I wanted to do this evening, tomorrow, next week. Just be with myself, with the kids, with the beautiful summer evening. It worked, at least for a moment or two.


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