Cats and their disregard, and our day at the neighboring County’s fair


Cats are such a pain in the ass, sometimes. I let Pip and Nevermore out with me in the yard this morning while I was doing some mat exercises, and after just one set I looked up and Nevermore was nowhere to be found. I hadn’t seen her jump over the fence, but she didn’t seem to be anywhere in the yard. After 20 minutes of searching the surrounding block with the help of my step-son—calling her name and clanking food dishes—I looked one more time in the back yard. I called her and thought I heard a faint complaint. I called her again, and again thought I heard something. And there she was, as content as could be, curled up in the BBQ. Not in the BBQ, as on a rack, but under the main part of the BBQ on a shaded metal tray that covers the wheel area. Totally unconcerned. And then I had no time to finish my exercises, because my Dad was coming by to pick us up.

The kids and I spent the main part of the day at a small county fair that my Dad wanted to take us to. It was nice, in a lot of ways, since our county fair has gotten way too big and is held at an impersonal fairground and costs about a zillion dollars now. This fair was free to get into and had a lot of free activities like bungee jumping trampolines, mock fighting with big padded sticks, and a magician. I let my Dad buy us curly fries and shave ice, even though I know he would have rather bought the kids hot dogs and ice cream.

We had a relatively conflict-free time, although at one point my Dad commented privately on the weight the kids had gained (over the last few years at home, not here) in one sentence and then made some crack about did I want to be responsible for their bones not developing properly by feeding them a vegan diet in the next. I continue to tell him that it’s a very healthy way to eat, but he doesn’t want to hear it. So frustrating, because they lose weight in a healthy way when they stay with us, just by eating good food and getting a little exercise. You can’t have it both ways.

Overall, we had fun. It was pretty hot, though, and I got cranky after a while, especially when the kids wanted to visit the animal barns to help fill out their contest cards (to enter to win a bike). The whole 4-H animal thing is just depressing and I felt really bad for all the kids and animals there, so that part wasn’t enjoyable at all. And we left before the ice cream eating contest, thank the gods.

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  1. Sounds like a fun day overall – despite the cat’s disregard and your Dad’s observations on diet. You lasted a long time without getting cranky! 🙂